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The Nature of One

One morning the Sage spoke to us of discipline.
It can be used, he said, to harden oneself into rock.
Strong and unmovable, impenetrable, formidable.
This is one use, he said.

A few disciples then asked him of the other uses of discipline,
the idea of being rock not an appealing one
to some of them
having been tossed about by life's vagaries 
and knowing the feeling of being dashed against rocks.


Only one other use, the Sage said.
It can be used, he said, to soften oneself into cloud.
Nebulous and fluid, permeable, eventually disappearing.
This is the other use, he said.

The disciples then asked him how this could be accomplished,
the idea of being cloud quite an appealing one
to some of them
having been enchanted by the beauty of clouds
and knowing the feeling their drifting nature elicited.

Easy, said the Sage.
To become rock use discipline to follow mind no matter what.
To become cloud use discipline to follow heart no matter what.

A debate then ensued between the disciples who claimed 
a rock would be a better 
and those who insisted the cloud would be better.

The Sage smiled.
You are all right, he said.
You are all right as rain.
And rain, he said, is the subject of tomorrow's talk.


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