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Sorrow weeps a lot.
She comes at night, mostly
but sometimes moves through the shadows 
of your day.

She needs you only to see her 
and hold her from time to time
to validate her existence.
Taking her everywhere with you out of guilt
is not necessary.
She will feel patronized
and make your life miserable
out of spite.

Sorrow has a secret:
Her stern demeanor hides a soft side, and
her pain may most certainly be eased
if you invite her sister, Joy,
to spend some time with you.

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Reader Comments (1)

Hi Connie! I think you might be interested in what I am doing on my sabbatical...:) I am working with some wonderful virtual reality designers to create a "3-D Writers' Retreat" where we can meet up in real time (in our avatars) and do writing workshops, or just hang out and share ideas and work. If you would like to watch the progress of this project, please just check in anytime and your thoughts will always be welcome. I do want to keep up with your own work here, as I love your thinking and writing.

The photos which for now serve as a storyboard for the designers, are all done in Second Life, except for the first two, which are in the new platform.

I miss Cowbird, but this project seems very important as it can be of support to many, many people in their writing adventures!


AJN (Alex)

November 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAlex Noble

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