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Journey from Here to Here

It has not come easy. No,
not easy.
Whatever brought this current peace,
this silent place of observation
was a long time coming.
Now that I am here I realized it needn't have.
No, it could have come swiftly
like a bird
swooping down to pluck dinner from the offerings
of this generous feast, Earth.

Yet the time it took to get here is of no matter.

I remember,
along the way,
clawing at the air and screaming at the wind.
Unfamiliar with the laws governing such things
I fought what was.
And what folly.
What needless dissatisfaction
had its way with me and hid from me
the truth of things.
The truth, which lives a constant and faithful life
regardless of my inattention.

Yet the way I took to get here is of no matter.

The irony of being here is not lost on me.
No, not at all.
The path of the one eventually
leads back to the all,
and free thought acquiesces, in the end,
to no thought at all.



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