Beyond Beyond

The habits, the programming,
the misperceptions and misunderstandings,
the errors, the sins,
the folly and the stubbornness
eventually formed the stone.

The glimpses, the epiphanies,
the insights and the wisdom,
the teachings, the lessons,
the sharpened awareness, the awe
all combined to form the marinade.

I took a vessel,
chosen with such care,
and placed the stone within the marinade
anticipating a wonderful transformation!
Each day I gently shook it and waited.
Yet the stone continued to strike the sides of the vessel
with its usual alarming clatter
and no matter how diligently I remembered
to turn and marinate and turn and marinate,
the stone was still the stone,
always the stone,
disturbingly the stone.
It went on like that for a great long time
until one day, relatively out of the blue, it came to me—
and, believe me, upon realizing I laughed until I cried:
The stone, the vessel,
and, quite amazingly, the marinade
absolutely do not exist at all!
And so, naturally, I asked myself
“What does?”
Now, it is within that question I live like a phantom,
keeping my bags packed,
for at any time I may be called to move
beyond any questions,
beyond the idea of moving on,
beyond the notion of beyond.