Numbers on Pages

Weekdays I swim in a sea of numbers. I calculate them, organize them, analyze them and arrange them into cohesive financial pictures. I find it challenging and somehow relaxing. There are rules to follow and I know the rules well. I can create organization out of chaos. In fact, that is my specialty.

How many times in life do we know exactly what to do in any given situation? With the multitudes of problems and situations life presents us with we can come up with various answers, different strategies to employ. But with the numbers there is usually one way it is supposed to be and, if one knows the rules, if one follows the rules, one outcome. Comforting.

I am no math whiz, mind you, and I don't make predictions or complex analysis or suggestions as to what one should do with the numbers when presented. I leave that up to my boss. I, frankly, am not that interested. Numbers on pages, that is all they are to me. My boss laughingly says I am the only right-brained accountant she knows.

Of course, people have been known to kill themselves over numbers on pages. "I am ruined!" They have been known to spend sleepless nights worrying about how to change the numbers to ones more acceptable. "That's not enough!" They wring their hands when the credit card numbers come in. "That's too much!"

A lot of angst over numbers.

Could this be because we have forgotten what "enough" means? In these times, its sidekick word often seems to be "never".

I'm going to tell you a secret I've learned in all my years working with numbers:

What is "enough"?

Numbers on pages will never tell.

Only your heart can whisper the answer.