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Wake Up Caller ID

Have you noticed? There are teachers everywhere. The grocery store is full of them, the gym, the library, the mall, the bank, the gas station, the office, north of here, south of here, in state, out of state, everywhere. It's strange how I had not noticed them before. In all fairness I was so busy, so much to work out in my head all the time, how could I possibly be expected to pay close attention to everything around me? When I first started noticing them, probably in a moment I had inadvertently and imperceptibly dropped below the radar of my constantly vigilant mind, I was intrigued. That's when I started seeing teachers everywhere. I don't remember who they all were. There were, there continue to be, so many. I wonder if they are aware they are my teachers? Some of them definitely don't seem to know but then I see the occasional twinkling eye that tells me they are all not as clueless as I might guess.

The morning buzzer goes off, I awaken and the day begins. I do not carry the buzzer around with me to keep me awake, I am already wide-eyed. Buzzers are forgotten as soon as they awaken us. Their job is done and the rest is up to us. Good teachers are the same. And they are everywhere. You'll see.

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Reader Comments (2)

Yes, teachers are all over the place. They hide behind trees and shrubs and even in the thin air. Some are strange, some are subtle, and I've found that many aren't human. I'm reasonably sure though that your teachers are different than mine.

July 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJeff Walker

I would guess we each have not only our own unique set of instructors (human and otherwise), but also our own unique curriculum. Enrollment in Mystery School seems to be mandatory.

July 26, 2011 | Registered CommenterConnie Assadi

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