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Breaking News

In a stunning turn of events, peace has broken out. All over the world.  In fact, it has always been here and gone unnoticed! Story at 11:00.

The news is incredulous, I know. How is it we have been so blind to the presence of peace? How is it we have walked right past it into discord, conflict, wars and violence? The Holy Wars? The Inquisition? The World Wars? Peace was there and unseen.  Countless wars, battles, attacks, skirmishes, acts of revenge, acts of aggression, murder, mayhem, brutality and oppression. Peace was there and ignored. And that's just the roster of obviously horrendous events. Don't forget disagreement, contention, quarrels, grudges and just plain everyday "I'm right, you're wrong" stubbornness-- disharmony, it seems, is hardwired into human behavior. How, then, could peace have been here all along?

Peace is the spacious, patient, ever present and all allowing environment out of which all conflict arises. And why does it arise? Simple. It arises because people believe the thoughts in their heads. These thoughts tell us, quite frequently and incessantly, that the way things are is not the way things should be. Every head has a different set of thoughts, we all want to be right and have our way, and we're off to the races. We stray from peace, our natural state of existence, intentionally. Now, I want you to consider this-- just because a thought comes up in your head doesn't mean it's true and yet even given the obvious contradiction of sometimes having conflicting thoughts and confusing thoughts, most people give their thoughts gospel status and identify deeply with them. Isn't a thought, after all, just a symbol for something else, just a collection of words spoken in the head? A flag is a symbol for a country, yet we don't take the flag to be the country do we? Thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky and who knows from where or how they suddenly appear. We would be wise to stand back a bit and watch them to gain a better understanding of the hypnotic effect they have on us and the power they hold to predispose us to conflict and discord and suffering.

 Could our personal happiness or even world peace be as simple as understanding how our minds work and moving beyond that to whatever state allows us to simply observe and experience this wonder of wonders we call Life? What if it just took that realization? What if, one by one, we commit to peace and do not waver even in the face of others choosing conflict all around us? To achieve world peace, it would eventually take, of course, all of us. But, that has to begin with some of us making the choice. Right now. Today. We can't make peace happen, peace already is when we make a conscious choice to live it.

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