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Play Dough

Remember how exciting it was as a child to be given a brand new set of Play Dough? The colors were so bright and beautiful, just waiting for childhood creativity to design and mold a million things. We were enthralled and excited; the possibilities were endless! We dug in with the vibrant energy of childhood enthusiasm, creating flowers, animals, houses, people, crazy designs, oh, just anything we could think of. Soon, though, the inevitable happened and the colors became intermixed. Eventually, sadly, the dough became a big gray mess of a blob which usually ended up at the bottom of the toy chest, a hard and crumbly shadow of its former self. 

In life there are times we see so much potential, we feel the passion to create, we are in love with life. We form satisfying relationships, start projects, see everything with fresh eyes. We are alive with all the vibrant colors of life. The trouble is, we often dart from one thing to another in our endless quest to top what has gone before. Inevitably, we reach that place where our lives can seemingly become big gray blob- like, and we do the adult equivalent of tossing the Play Dough into the dark recesses of the toy chest - we become depressed, disenchanted, disengaged and disconnected. We wonder what went amiss, where we made the wrong turn, and how things got so far off track. We thought we knew what we wanted but once we got it we soon wanted something else. We are not satisfied. We are never satisfied. Why? Somehow on the way from the carefree play mode of childhood we got hooked into expectation mode, into one day I will have the experience that makes me happy forever mode. We got stuck in our thoughts of what we might have in the future and forgot to experience what was in front of us at the moment. Our lives are not always new cans of Play Dough exciting but most of the time there are lovely surprises when we are paying attention, when we cultivate gratefulness for each new day, when we smile and say this moment is enough. This has always been enough.


Excerpt from "The Quest" by Leonard Jacobson

"What can you offer me?" he asked the sage.
"Only what is present in this moment," answered the sage.
"Is that all?" asked the man.
"Nothing more than that." said the sage.
The man thought for a while.
"No contest!" the voice said triumphantly inside the man's head. "No contest!"
"There is nothing here," said the man. "Just a few trees, some flowers and the distant mountain."
With that the man continued on his way, in pursuit of that which his mind had promised him.
The sage watched as the man disappeared down the road.
"No contest," said the sage to the trees and the flowers and the distant mountain.
"No contest."





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Reader Comments (2)

Love the idea, Connie of looking at what is right before our eyes, instead of the hills just beyond. Thank you for your journal entry. I love reading what you have to say, it is always very insightful...

August 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLaurie Lazar Boritz

Thanks for the imagery! I start each week with new play dough.

August 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShay (Sheilla to you)

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