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Angels All Around

There are angels among us. Now, I don't know what your idea of an angel is. I hardly know what I conceive them to be, yet I know my life has been touched by them. Wherever grace is, an angel has just passed. Wherever peace descends, an angel has had her way. Wherever joy lives, an angel lives there too. I don't speak here of a halo and flowing gowns kind of angel, the kind of angel who lives in ethereal realms and occasionally pays a visit to lowly humans to bestow kindnesses. No, in my life at least, they seem to have materialized out of thin air and emanated, usually, from one of my fellow human beings.

You know, like when it's late, you're exhausted and you're in the grocery store to pick up a few things. In line a woman senses your low spirits and makes a point of smiling and making eye contact. She didn't have to do that, she could have remained in her own little world waiting for the checker to finish with the customer insisting on her second price check. Angel.

The guy who sees you struggling with your packages and rushes to help. Angel. The mothers, whether or not they have children of their own, who nurture and love and support everyone around them. Angels. The people who see an unrelenting flow of vehicles in their rear view mirrors and stop to let you drive into the flow from a side street. Angels. Folks who smile and wave and spread joy and helpfulness wherever they go and whether or not they know you. Angels.

They're everywhere. They come in a wide array of sizes and shapes and disguises. Very often we are not even aware of them. Be alert and you will find them. All around

 Are you an angel? Yes. Yes, you are. And the degree to which you know that is the degree to which you bring your angel magic into the world.


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