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Manifesting Doubt

Several months ago I was involved in a scientifically monitored experiment in which several thousand seasoned meditators from all over the world focused on a specific intention for ten minutes at the same time each day for nine days running. This was the first time I had taken part in anything like this and the results for me personally and the intention as a whole were beyond anything I would have imagined. First, the meditations themselves were very intense, much more so than my daily meditations and I can only assume that this had something to do with being connected on some energy level with the thousands of other meditators. How this works I have no clue; I only know that the experience was far more powerful, my senses much more acute, and the level of concentration involved could only have been described as fierce.  

The intention itself, amazingly, manifested within months, and it was no small intention and required a lot of events to occur to come to fruition. Still, my skeptic's mind (the scientist in me) says it all could be simply a coincidence. There is an ever expanding part of my mind, however, the part that has been taking copious notes of my human experience since I was a child, that observes these coincidences occur with stunning  regularity and frequency. The Skeptic and the Witness co-exist peacefully within my mind and it is not lost on me that the reason for this is simple: while the Skeptic questions all, the Witness allows and accepts all. I like my Witness better, feel more at home with her, but keep my Skeptic around to keep things balanced, since my interest, more than anything, is in knowing the Truth.

The truth is that I have seen, time and time again, thoughts manifesting things, manifesting events, manifesting peoples' behaviour and ways of moving in the world. It makes me so very mindful of the thoughts I am having, of how they may effect my life, the people around me, and this beautiful planet we all live on. It also makes me a bit scared. I mean, who am I to decide what should happen in any given situation? We all think we know what is good and what is bad, what is in our best interests and what is not, how people should behave and how they should not behave. But isn't there a lot of gray area? Aren't there many times in our lives when we have judged a situation or a person in a certain way only to find out later that we had it all wrong? Do we really know enough to be creating the world and everything in it? Sadly, all we have to do is look at the state of the world to see that while we have done some pretty amazing things, we probably have not passed our Manifesting 101 final exam yet.

All this serves to make me very cautious in my intentions. When I do offer up an intention to the universe I feel so very humble, like a devotee at a Master's knee, offering my ideas but always deferring to a greater intelligence. In knowing my limitations while I wear this human suit, I strive to always make sure, when I offer those ideas up, they come from the deepest, wisest place of me I am able to access. More importantly, I do my best to let go of attachment to outcome, and make the allowing and accepting enclave of my Witness into my soul's natural home.


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