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Writer's Block Party

You may have noticed I have not posted for a while; I have had writer's block. Dutifully, I have put pen to paper (or more often fingers to keyboard) and started to write, but I was just going through the motions. Words are written, to be sure, but in my head it sounds like "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and clearly blah".

I have always known I am not and never will be a prolific writer. I labor too much over my words, trying to coax a certain feel out of them and most times I have to settle for close but not quite. Generally when I feel real inspiration, an inspiration that, truthfully, seems as though it is coming from somewhere beyond the part of my head I currently know as "me", I can't get to the keyboard fast enough, can't type fast enough to capture the fleeting images and feelings before they are gone. My muse is, apparently, a world class sprinter. She also has a tendency to be inconsiderate, showing up at the most ridiculous times, like when I'm in the shower or deliciously cozy in bed. Her absence of late is making me wonder what she's up to, making me suspicious and wary. Is she gone for good? Is she training to be a long distance runner? Is she cheating on me with someone else? What?

So, here I am, letting you know what's going on, which is nothing. Apparently I am on a sabbatical I don't remember applying for. I may as well have a writer's block party. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go to the kitchen for some refreshments.

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Reader Comments (2)

I couldn't agree with you more. It's that inspiration that creates some of the best writing in the world. The only advice I can provide is the one I use. Rather than wait for that runner to come to you, chase her down yourself. Do the things that inspire you most and then sit down and write. Oddly enough, running does it for me. After a solid run I'm bursting with inspiration and ready to jot it all down. Great music also helps.

So, what does it for you? How can you catch that fast footed muse?

July 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSteven Perchikov

Mediation helps, and music, yes, definitely. Staying with it and staying with it some more, stubbornly, until she settles down and shows up for work.

Thanks for your comments, Steven.

July 31, 2009 | Registered CommenterConnie Assadi

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