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The End of the Line

I was amused by a story told by a friend of mine about her search for lost eyeglasses. She knew she had misplaced them somewhere in the house but when her exhaustive search yielded nothing she finally gave up and dug out a second pair she happened to have. Her reading done, she then pushed them up on top of her head where, in her words, "they joined the original pair" of eyeglasses.

Lately, I have been wondering if all our searching to become "enlightened" or "spiritual" isn't quite similar in nature, that is, we are searching for something which has been with us all along. We are what we are, aren't we? We  simply miss that because we use a conceptual framework to describe everything in our content-rich world and what we are, the essence of what we are, by its very nature is not a mental construct, it is non-verbal. There is great peace in the idea of "I am what I am". It is the mind which butts in and get us in trouble wanting to paint a mental picture of what can never be described in words. A wave cannot turn around and examine water because it  is the water, it could not exist apart from the water. Yet, the water does not depend on the wave for its existence.

Of course, this is unsettling. It would mean that everything is right here, right now. There would be no place else to go, nothing more to attain, no dreams, no endless searches for the right person to be with, the right job to have, no quest for happiness which, once attained, always leads to a quest for more happiness. It would be the end of the line. It doesn't mean we would cease acting from conviction- feeding the hungry, tending the sick, loving, seeking peace where turmoil rules. It means, in terms of a personal search for meaning, we would stop wasting the energy. What would that feel like, what would that mean for the world? Do we trust in our essence? Do we, ultimately, have a choice?

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