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Rock Climbing for Mom

Copy%20of%20conniemomrhonda.jpgMy mother, who clearly has always had my best interests at heart, lovingly accused me yet again the other day of hiding my light under a rock. Of course, mothers always have a rather biased opinion about how bright or glorious their children's "lights" may be, and I have usually taken this accusation with a grain of salt.  I have, I guess, always been a rather private person; self promotion is an uncomfortable activity for me.  It's not that I am stingy, mind you, just a bit shy and hesitant to impose my thoughts and beliefs about life on others whom, I have always felt, are perfectly entitled to their own thoughts and beliefs without having to hear about mine. I certainly have no inside track of information to impart and I often have contradictory thoughts about life.  Mostly, I just try to spend my time in life paying attention and learning but I don't even do that  exceptionally well all of the time.

There is, I think, personal power in silence-- in knowing what one feels, what one thinks, what one believes without the constant need to make others understand  us, to convert  them to our own way of thinking. Silent confidence makes for enormous tolerance and God knows the world could always use more of that.

There always comes a time, however, when it is nice to have company on the journey.  Life can be a solitary business and it is a comfort to know that others walk beside you. These Life Notes  journal entries  are my attempt to share, not preach; to reflect, not evangelize; to revel in the mystery of life,  not offer all the answers.

So this is me, climbing out from under my rock. Happy, Mom? 

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