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Uncle Ronnie's Turkey Dinner

Visiting a farm when a small child, my Uncle Ronnie had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a pre-dinner chicken execution complete with twitching fowl parts and blood.  It caused enough trauma to his sensitive young psyche that he refused to eat chicken or turkey for almost seventy years. 

In the past year he has been in declining heath and very recently was admitted to a nursing home to spend his final days.  When my mother visited him recently he told her he had something amazing to tell her-- the previous evening he had been served a turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy and, you guessed it, he ate it!  Not only that, but he declared it to be the most delicious dinner he had ever eaten! (I'm really not sure how my mother and her sister, my Aunt Doris, took that  piece of news considering they have been feeding him regularly at family occasions for many years now, but that's another story...)

It makes me really wonder about things I possibly have declared off limits in my own life for some long ago reason which may no longer apply.

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