Search is chock full of magic and mystery and miracles cleverly wrapped in ordinary, everyday packaging...

When I was in the process of creating this website and discussing with my daughter, who is a graphic designer, the umpteenth question regarding technical aspects of its design, she stopped me in my tracks by casually asking, “What is your goal in having this site, mom?” Now, one would think I would have given that a lot of thought before undertaking what was for me a huge project with a steep learning curve. Sadly, I had to rummage through a ragtag jumbled bag of thoughts and theories and feelings and ideas before I came up with this:

 I don’t know exactly.

 I know something in me yearned to create this site and something drove me forward with its design even though I had never designed a website before and it required a lot of trial and error, frustration, and willingness to dance the one step forward two steps back tango. But, motivation? Goals? Not so clear, really.

 I have been meditating for more than 20 years and in that time my perceptions about the world and life in general have undergone profound shifts. I am now aware of a deep, silent, inner well of what I can only call intuitive knowing. I know, for instance, that this well does not belong to me alone. It is a common well, equally accessible by anyone.  I know that I have only grazed the very surface of its depths and I know that I am in complete awe of what it has offered me so far. I also know that my determination to create this website, to share what I have brought back from my meditative journeys, arose from that well and so for me, for now, that is enough answer to my daughter’s question.

This forum is not about finding answers to the big questions but begs to enhance life by letting go of the need to know, by just paying attention, making observations and giving gratitude for the lives we have been given. Life's puzzle pieces will fall together in their own good time. In the mean time, it is a lovely thing to finally notice that life is chock full of magic and mystery and miracles cleverly wrapped in ordinary, everyday packaging. I hope to offer you a conversation about life’s mysteries, a sharing of things loved, a sense of gratitude for life’s gifts and a deep reverence for the blessing that is human connection. I am honored you are here.



Connie Assadi

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